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Over 10,000 TLOS in prizes

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Blockchain Powered Robotics


Proxibots is the worlds first blockchain powered robotics platform securing robotics with advanced cryptography and the Telos Blockchain

Play, Stake, Win

There are regular challenges with prize pools sponsored by our partners and the robot shares its earnings on a weekly basis with the ROBO token holders

Robo Mining

You can start earning ROBO tokens by using the robot to mine, don't forget to stake your tokens to qualify for dividends and rewards


Over 10,000 TLOS & 100,000 ROBO in PRIZES!

10x ROBO Mining Bonus!

Prizes will be awarded to the players who earn the most ROBO tokens in a single turn and post their results to the smart contract leaderboard




🏆 Smart Challenge

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🥩 Staking

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Drive The Proxibots Rover

0.0000 ROBO

🎮 Controls

Move Actions

🗝️ Unlock the robot to start mining the ROBO token ⛏️

Scatter Login

Cost Per Turn: 5.0000 TLOS | To Account: proxibotstls

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